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The Radio Academy Podcast

The weekly podcast for radio and audio makers, produced by the UK's Radio Academy. Each week, we speak to the people behind a recent radio or podcast project, to find out how it was made, and what they learnt along the way. Got a project we should be exploring? Email podcast@radioacademy.org

Other great podcasts about radio

Here are some other fantastic podcasts about radio - presenting, production, the craft of audio, leadership, history and future of radio.  Have we missed any?  Let us know!

Crunch & Roll

"Take a look behind the scenes of the dysfunctional world of the radio industry with some of its biggest characters."


"A series celebrating the art of making radio. But just what exactly does a radio producer do?"

How to DJ, with Chris Hawkins

"From club to radio and every other music DJ in between; DJs pick 5 questions from a box of 45."

Radio Futurologist

"James Cridland reads an audio version of his weekly newsletter"

Radio Moments - Conversations

"A series of intimate hour-long programmes in which those who’ve made a difference to radio tell you their stories, reflecting candidly on a lifetime in radio."

Radio Moments - This Week in History

"Seven days of radio history in seven minutes - as told through clips and narration from David Lloyd"

Radio Moments - Clips

"Vintage clips from UK radio - and more recent broadcasts of note"