The Board of Trustees have overall legal responsibility for The Radio Academy and we seek to attract Trustees with a diverse range of skillsets to provide the Charity with a comprehensive knowledge base to serve our members’ best interests.

Six of the Radio Academy Trustees are elected by the membership, each serving a three year term. The elected trustees can then co-opt up to five additional trustees for a year at a time, to ensure the board is representative of the wider industry and has the necessary skills and experiences to run the charity. The elected trustees are also responsible for the appointment of the Chair and Deputy Chair.

Elections are now open to elect two new trustees to the Board from February 2024. Voting is open to all Members of The Radio Academy.

Meet this year's candidates and submit your vote by 8th February.

Thanks to Adele Cross, Kathryn Anastasi and Will Jackson for their service as Trustees of The Radio Academy. They will be stepping down in February 2024.