The Diversity & Inclusion Series

Providing a platform for sharing stories and experiences

The Radio Academy's Diversity and Inclusion series of talks (2020-2021) aimed to amplify and lead the debate about representation in our industry. To date, the events have focused on a series of webinars designed to provide a platform for colleagues to share their stories and experiences, and suggest what the radio and audio industry can do to promote the equality of ambition and opportunity. The series is available to watch online, for members and non-members alike.

Supporting Mental Health in Radio & Audio

This online event was hosted by Swarzy Macaly (KISS), with guests Jadie Swales-Barnes (Beat 103), Matt Smith (BetknowmoreUK), Sam Delaney (The Reset), and Seani B (1Xtra).

LGBT+ in Radio & Audio

This online event was hosted by Kaylee Golding, with guests Scott Mills (BBC Radio 1), Olivia Jones (RockFM), Shivani Dave (Freelance), Ashley Byrne (Made In Manchester), and Steffi Barnett (BCFM/Shoutout).

Disability in Radio & Audio

This online event was hosted by Kate Monaghan, presenter of the BBC’s Ouch podcast. Guests included Eshaan Akbar (BBC Radio 4 Extra / BBC Asian Network), Loren Eley (Bauer Media), Holly Keogh (Wireless) and Victoria Brignell (Producer, BBC Radio 4).

R.O.A.R - Race on Audio & Radio

A series of four webinars focused on the lived experiences of Black and South Asian colleagues. Guests included Bobby Friction, Trevor Nelson, Swarzy Macaly, Tina Daheley, Lorna Clarke, and Anushka Arora. Also a series of "Inspirations" audio for Black History Month.